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White Glove Delivery

Solve challenges for your white glove delivery business and scale operations. Our complete, modern Final Mile Management System allows last mile carriers to automate white glove deliveries.

White Glove Delivery

You’re already going above standard expectations for delivery by offering white glove services. Don’t let capacity crunches, increases in order volume, or manual tasks slow you down. Just like you go above and beyond for your customers, Fleet Enable goes above and beyond for ours by providing white glove carriers with an integrated, all-in-one system that streamlines operations. With Fleet Enable, carriers can automate their white glove deliveries and maximize profits.

Not only will we maintain your brand’s good reputation by providing customer satisfaction through transparency and flexibility, but Fleet Enable will also relieve your support teams. Our White Glove Solution is our most advanced package, and it’s our only offering that includes Customizable Surveys, Multiple Warehouse / Terminal Management, and Rules Based Billing and Invoicing features. If you’re truly looking to take your final mile business to the next level, Fleet Enable’s White Glove package will save you time and maximize your profits so that you can deliver better.

White Glove Features

Automated Self Scheduling

Give consignees the control they need and save hours in dispatch time. Your custom configuration of hours, days, and delivery zones sets the rules and manual scheduling quickly becomes a thing of the past.

Real-Time Tracking

Delivery day is here! With real-time updates, you can automatically remind customers of their delivery window and protocols. Plus, offer a window into the location of their purchase right from their phone.

Exception Alerts

Exceptions happen, and when they do, communication is critical! Decrease calls to support by keeping consignees, shippers, warehouse teams, or even service technicians in the loop when the unexpected impacts delivery. Customer alert settings can be easily configured for each unique shipper account, putting control in your hands and increasing transparency of the complete delivery life cycle.

Touchless Feedback

Make sure your team is delivering smiles and gathering praise with automated satisfaction surveys. Drivers or dispatchers can quickly collect responses while the delivery memory is fresh and secure, aggregated data helps your business improve or share reporting with shippers. Better still, surveys can be configured and deployed separately for each shipper’s account.

Connected Communications

From keeping customer service in the loop to integrating with a CRM, our technology experts are here to help your business scale. API integrations put enterprise-level customer experience within reach, even if your Final Mile logistics business is just getting started.

Scalable Integration

With easy TMS integration, Fleet Enable allows carriers of any size to work with enterprises. Our technology was built by a team of transportation technology experts. Now we’re deploying that expertise to put the best of modern technology in the hands of any final mile leader.

Dynamic Rating Engine

Fleet Enable accelerates invoice processing and payments and improves back-office efficiency for carriers. Our software automates complex rate agreements, so your back office can move more efficiently from order to cash.

Workforce Management

Map delivery teams in real-time, tracking everything from location to availability. Fleet Enable’s mobile app is uniquely suited to white glove shipments requiring two-person delivery crews.

Automated Billing and Driver Settlements

Fleet Enable offers the most robust feature set in the industry, covering every aspect of the full last-mile delivery process including back office, finance, and billing. By automating your billing, invoicing, and driver settlement your team saves time, your shippers pay faster and your drivers enjoy expedited payment with accessorials paid correctly every time.

Fleet Enable’s White Glove Solution was built for experienced carriers who need it all. In addition to our standard features, our White Glove Solution includes:

  • Multiple terminal/warehouse management.
  • Fully customizable zones, routes, and delivery mobile experiences to meet your unique needs.
  • Rules-based billing and invoicing: save days in back-office billing and keep cash flowing!
  • Automation for every aspect of your white glove delivery business.
  • API and EDI Integrations that can satisfy any shipper.

Our White Glove offering is a truly end-to-end final mile management system offering a robust set of features and industry-leading automation for your last mile business. We also offer solutions packages that are designed for dedicated last-mile fleets, courier and air cargo carriers or private delivery fleets. Browse the full list of Fleet Enable final mile software features here or submit a demo request form below to learn more about how Fleet Enable can serve your unique final mile business and help you #DeliverBetter.

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