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Automotive Logistics

Fleet Enable’s end-to-end Final Mile Management System helps automotive businesses solve delivery challenges. Automation, route optimization, and dispatch tracking keep automotive logistics businesses moving.

Automotive Logistics

It’s time to take control of your automotive logistics business with a single platform that offers an end-to-end solution that allows you to maximize profits, meet growing consumer expectations, and save time. Whether you’re shipping new vehicles, parts or working in automotive repair, your clients need transparency and flexibility. That’s where Fleet Enable comes in.

Automotive Case Study: AutoThink and Fleet Enable

Thanks to Fleet Enable’s technology, dealers using AutoThink’s concierge service produce 68% higher repair orders as consumers decline fewer service items.

Fleet Enable’s route optimization and tech support are integral to our efficiency and have reduced potential downtime. The software was clearly created with simplicity in mind, which reduces training time and costs as well..

CEO, Founder, AutoThink

About Autothink

AutoThink provides a turnkey technology and employed labor solution for pick-up/drop-off of customer vehicles for service center appointments.

The following features help our automotive customers thrive in a market of increased demand:

Live Driver Updates

Real-time updates from each driver are just the beginning. Carriers can employ en-route fleet tracking and use geo-fencing to enforce check call standards, then easily deliver data to their partners. Additionally, you can deliver just the right reporting by customizing how much and how often you share updates on a per shipper basis.

Proof of Delivery

Shippers can rest easy. With the Fleet Enable mobile app, drivers can share a signature or photo from each successful delivery. Need POD attached to each invoice? Shipper-specific rules for delivery protocols, invoicing and more are simple to set up and use.

Billing, Invoicing & Driver Settlement

Automate and optimize your payment process and get paid faster. Once you have configured your billing preferences, you can say goodbye to the manual work of creating invoices or calculating accessorials. Create and send invoices immediately and remove full days from your payment timeline. Pay your drivers faster the first time by leveraging our automated driver settlements process.

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