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Automated Routing and Dispatch

Fleet Enable helps final mile dispatchers with automated route planning and dispatch automation.

Automated Routing and Dispatch

Customer expectations and order volumes are increasing. Your dispatch team is overwhelmed with driver demands and manual planning. A digital strategy that includes dispatch automation for your final mile business is absolutely critical.

Fleet Enable revolutionizes the dispatch workflow, creating efficiency at every step and streamlining your dispatch operations. Our advanced optimization software factors in business constraints such as route and schedule preferences and preferred delivery windows, while also accounting for vehicle and freight dimensions and even traffic patterns to suggest the optimal route for drivers.

Real-time Notifications

Not only can dispatch track drivers in real-time; drivers and customers also get immediate updates on deliveries. Most importantly, dispatch no longer has to interrupt a driver with phone call check-ins. All of the information they need will be immediately available in our final mile management system.

Automated Route Planning and Optimization

Our proprietary automated route optimizer will increase your fleet utilization while saving the dispatchers time and increasing their productivity.

Route Allocation

Designate routes for each of your drivers, and create customized routes for each customer.

Dispatch Tools Include:

Automation Streamlines Dispatch Services

With Fleet Enable, your dispatch team can say goodbye to manual route planning and load allocation. Our carrier-focused platform can quickly automate optimized, cost-efficient routes specific to your final mile business’ unique needs. Fleet Enable’s route optimizer will increase your fleet utilization while saving office staff time and increasing productivity. Our rules-based machine learning scheduler is highly customizable and can factor in truck weight, driver skills, item dimensions, and delivery windows while generating optimized intelligent cost-saving routes in minutes.

Real-Time Machine Learning

Fleet Enable does the work so you don’t have to. From automatically combining deliveries within the same delivery zone to automated route planning that matches the most suitable driver to the load, our end-to-end final mile management system will save you time and increase productivity. Minimize last mile labor costs and improve fleet utilization with a highly customizable tool that is custom-tailored to your business.

Predictive Scheduling

Our newest dispatch tool brings predictive scheduling to the final mile space for the first time in the final mile industry. With customer-scheduled delivery appointments matched to estimated drive times, traffic and delivery constraints, dispatch teams will have more data at their fingertips than ever before. You’ll save on planning hours, increase office efficiency, and be able to quickly adjust schedules in the event of delays. Dispatchers can rely on our signature Fleet Enable final mile automation to do the work for them.

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