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Fleet Enable automates back office tasks like billing, invoicing, and driver settlement for final mile carriers.

Billing and Settlement

If you’re like most final mile carriers, you’re likely struggling to keep up with record business volume and scarce driver availability. This can leave your back office staff strained. While you might have solutions to help your drivers and dispatchers, an overwhelmed back office can slow business operations all around. Billing, invoicing, driver settlements, and document management might be increasing in volume, but they’re also delaying your accounts receivable.

Efficient invoicing and faster pay settlement should please shipping customers and delivery drivers. It can also speed up cash flow to final-mile carriers. But how do you get there? Fleet Enable offers relief. Our end-to-end final mile management system is the first of its kind to offer an all-in-one fully integrated system that will save you time and optimize your profits.

How much time could you save your back office by automating billing, invoicing, and driver settlement? Not only does Fleet Enable automate your back office; it also minimizes errors.

Back Office Features Include:

Meet Fleet Enable’s Dynamic Rating Engine

Fleet Enable’s Dynamic Rating Engine digitizes everything from rate agreements to invoicing and driver payments. This breakthrough technology puts Fleet Enable above other final mile systems. Not only does our carrier-focused solution automate tasks for drivers and dispatchers, it also automates things for your back office. Thanks to our advanced technology, Fleet Enable’s end-to-end solution can replace multiple software systems employed by most final-mile carriers.

Your Entire Payment Process Automated

With Fleet Enable, it’s simple to automate your payment process. Once you have configured customizable billing preferences that can be specific to each account, you can say goodbye to the manual work of creating invoices and calculating accessorials. Create and send invoices immediately and remove full days from your payment timeline.

Reduce Costly Credit and Rebills

With automation throughout your entire business, you can minimize mistakes. Fleet Enable correctly invoices the first time. Our automated system provides real-time proof of delivery, signatures, and order captures. This allows for faster account receivables, thus reducing the amount of time from invoicing to billing.

Make Drivers Happy

Fleet Enable allows you to pay drivers faster. Our end-to-end solution features built-in driver settlements, which automates your driver pay. This will make both your drivers and accounting team happy.

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