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Dedicated Fleets

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Dedicated Fleets

As a dedicated carrier, your goal is to establish long-term relationships with your shippers. To do this, visibility and trust are essential pieces to the puzzle. Whether you’re moving temp-controlled medical goods, serving businesses, or delivering e-commerce products, your customers want real-time visibility and data that they can rely on. Seamlessly demonstrate your commitment to your dedicated contract with Fleet Enable’s all-in-one final mile management system that offers clear visibility features and data management throughout our end-to-end solution.

Final mile carriers who subscribe to our dedicated deliveries technology can automate manual tasks involved with driver communications, fleet management, and appointment scheduling. Dispatch no longer has to worry about check calls thanks to our real-time driver updates. We’ll give you the tools you need to put more time into your team’s day, and scale your business without adding additional employees.

Here are some of our most popular features that help dedicated carriers build long-lasting relationships with shippers:

Billing, Invoicing & Driver Settlement

Automate and optimize your payment process and get paid faster. Once you have configured your billing preferences, you can say goodbye to the manual work of creating invoices or calculating accessorials. Create and send invoices immediately and remove full days from your payment timeline. Pay your drivers faster the first time by leveraging our automated driver settlements process.

Order Management

Plan ahead for your pipeline with a single source of customer and order information. Seamlessly share customer and order details and put time back in your day with automated appointment scheduling

Live Driver Updates

Real-time updates from each driver are just the beginning. Carriers can employ en-route fleet tracking and use geo-fencing to enforce check call standards, then easily deliver data to their partners. Deliver just the right reporting by customizing how much and how often you share updates on a per shipper basis.

Performance Analytics

Fleet Enable continuously analyzes the delivery data and provides meaningful dashboards, which allows Carriers to unlock key insights and make enhanced business decisions.

Features module with relevant features:

  • Account Management
  • Order Management
  • Driver Mobile App
  • Appointment Management
  • Dispatch Management
  • Single warehouse management
  • Track and Trace
  • Route Management
  • Location Validation
  • Billing & invoicing

Do you need additional features such as our customizable surveys or self-scheduling? Explore solutions for couriers and hotshot last-mile fleets, white-glove carriers, air cargo, or private delivery fleets or browse all Fleet Enable features.

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