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Delivery Management

From Geo fencing to exception management, our advanced technology automates final mile delivery management.

Delivery Management

Your business is unique and so are your customers. With Fleet Enable, account management is effortless. All of your accounts can be customized individually through our end-to-end final mile management system built for carriers. Whether you need to charge for extra flights or extra labor, Fleet Enable can calculate rates automatically and keep cash flowing automates your business.

Workflow based on account-specific preferences

Create custom forms, customer feedback requirements, and more with Fleet Enable’s automated workflows.

Driver Mobile App

Fleet Enable’s driver app allows last mile carriers to achieve seamless delivery management processes. Configure driver prompts for each shipper, and you’ll automate your drivers’ deliveries while minimizing errors.

Exception Management

Fleet Enable can alert your dispatch, drivers, and customers in real-time when exceptions happen.

Geofencing & GPS

For each account, you set custom geofencing needs and track your deliveries. See live mapping of your delivery crews, and minimize dispatch’s check-in calls.

Delivery Management features include:

Driver App and Dispatch Automation Saves Time and Minimizes Errors

Our newest dispatch tool brings predictive scheduling to the final mile space for the first time in the final mile industry. With customer-scheduled delivery appointments matched to estimated drive times, traffic and delivery constraints, dispatch teams will have more data at their fingertips than ever before. You’ll save on planning hours, increase office efficiency, and be able to quickly adjust schedules in the event of delays. Dispatchers can rely on our signature Fleet Enable final mile automation to do the work for them.

Customizable Workflows at Every Turn

Fleet Enable generates customizable driver workflows with clear driver directions, specific account order requirements, instructions, and protocols all in one application. Complex account-level delivery instructions can be incorporated into the workflow to reduce delivery errors, customer dissatisfaction, and costly exception handling.

Need Proof of Delivery or Signature at each delivery location? Our intuitive interface makes it easy to capture pictures or signatures and update status. With our unique shipper-specific customization options, the entire delivery experience—from en-route fleet tracking to geo-fencing to reporting and exception management—can be custom-tailored to meet shipper requirements and our enterprise-level data integrations can help final mile carriers of any size compete.

With Fleet Enable, you can utilize automated driver status updates resulting in reduced calls to your dispatch team, less driver distractions, and improved customer service. Real-time in-app signature, proof of delivery capture, and prescriptive exception handling can be automated, keeping document management simplified and serving your shippers’ requirements.

Managing Delivery Exceptions

How does your current delivery management solution handle exceptions? When the unexpected happens, Fleet Enable helps carriers respond to changes quickly. Dispatch and driver communication is always just a button click away, and real-time tracking can help identify problems before they happen.

Exceptions happen. It’s how you deal with exceptions that can make your delivery management successful or unsuccessful. Whether you can no longer deliver a load or if you have a warehouse delay, Fleet Enable can send out alerts in real-time. Through automation, you can quickly work on corrective actions to address an exception. There’s no need to call customers when Fleet Enable can generate customizable alerts for you, saving you time and keeping drivers, dispatch, and customers happy.

WorkForce Management

Fleet Enable’s WorkForce Management feature maps delivery teams in real time, tracking everything from location to availability. Our software is uniquely suited to white glove shipments requiring two-person delivery crews. Specifically, WorkForce Management gives final mile carriers access to:

  • Real-time visibility into which delivery team members are currently active or inactive in the field;
  • Live mapping of each delivery crew to assist dispatchers in finding the nearest member available for a new task; and
  • Tracking the number of visits that a field team member has completed so that reports can be generated for a single day or multiple days.

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