Final-mile delivery enhanced.

Automate your whiteglove services and maximize your profit.
Final-Mile delivery challenges

The most expensive and complex section of the supply chain deserves more attention.

Cost of delivery

There is an ever-evolving challenge to find balance between meeting consumer demand and lowering operational costs. Carriers need an effective strategy built on flexibility that accounts for exceptions.

Shipper needs

Products and services need to be delivered on time without any exceptions. Transparency and timely updates ensure that the product is delivered to Customer’s expectations. Shippers want to ensure that their brand is represented well across the supply chain.

Customer expectations

Customers want the flexibility to manage their delivery windows, track and receive updates in real-time and even communicate with drivers directly. They are excited about the product they are about to receive and want the delivery experience to be seamless.
Our Solutions

This is how we make every mile deliver better.


Giving time back to your employees allows them to focus on customer satisfaction.


Adapt to shipper, driver and customer needs with ease.


Everyone involoved in the product journey wins with enhanced visibility.


Machine Learning algorithms analyze delivery data continuously and drive better outcomes.


Enterprise features allow carriers of any size to expand their network.

Carrier Experience

Automate manual processes, focus on the customer experience and strengthen shipper relationships. Scope the features.

Order Management

Customer and order details are all in one place so they can easily be shared between shippers and carriers.

Exception Management

When the unexpected happens, FleetEnable helps carriers to quickly respond to changes.

Pre-Plan Deliveries

Show up for customers and their expectations. (I don’t have an understanding of how this tool works).

Mobile Apps

Enable drivers with apps that allow them to easily share photos and updates with shippers.

Route Optimization

Our configurable tool saves time between when the order is placed and when the order is delivered.

Fleet Management

See all of your driver and truck details in one place when you are setting up your game-plans

Proof of Delivery

Strengthen relationships with shippers by providing enhanced visibility.


Increase productivity by using reports to identify areas for improvement.

Shipper Experience

Enhanced visibility and customer feedback allow you to be confident that your customers are happy.

Live Driver Updates

Follow en-route orders using the real-time fleet tracking feature.

Performance Reports

Reports make it easy for two businesses to collaborate and identify areas for improvement.

Proof of Delivery

Shippers can rest easy. It’s simple for drivers to share a successful delivery.

Scalable Integration

FleetEnable allows carriers of any size to work with enterprises.

Customer Experience

Exceed customer expectations with transparency and flexibility. Relieve support teams while you’re at it!

Real-Time Tracking

Give customers a window into the location of their purchase right from their phone.

Exceptions Alerts

Decrease calls to support by keeping customers in the loop when the unexpected effects delivery.

Delivery Notifications

Notify customers about delivery status to reduce scheduling miscommunications.

Touchless Feedback

Let their praises and concerns be heard by automatically sending satisfaction surveys.

Customer Experience

Exceed customer expectations with transparency and flexibility. Relieve support teams while you’re at it!

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