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A first-of-its-kind Final Mile Management System, our end-to-end, flexible last mile delivery software is as unique as your business. With this industry-leading logistics technology, you can conquer final mile delivery challenges, lower operational costs, automate repetitive tasks and maximize profits.

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Fleet Enable Dedicated Fleets
Dedicated Fleets
Fleet Enable Delivery Software
Courier, Hot Shot and Parcel Delivery Services
Fleet Enable Private Fleets software
Private Fleets
White Glove software
White-Glove Carriers
Fleet Enable Freight Forwarders & 3PLs Software
Freight Forwarders and 3PLs
Fleet Enable Field Services
Field Services

Serve Shipper Needs

Final Mile logistics are high-touch and carry a high risk to the shippers’ brand. Transparent, real-time tracking is the new table stakes as shippers work to meet customer expectations. With Fleet Enable, Final Mile carriers of any size can offer enterprise-level transparency and set themselves apart.

Order to Cash Workflow

Customer Happiness Delivered

Say goodbye to critical consignees! Modern consumers want the flexibility to manage their own delivery windows, track and receive updates in real-time and even communicate with drivers directly. They are excited about the product they are about to receive and want their delivery experience to be seamless. With Fleet Enable, you can deliver exceptional experiences, reduce reputational risk and increase efficiency by eliminating manual customer support work.

Fleet Enable Self-Scheduling
Automated Self-Scheduling
Customer Feedback
Touchless Feedback
Exception Alerts Software
Fleet Enable Real-Time Tracking Feature
Real-Time Tracking
Fleet Enable Connected Communications Feature
Connected Communic-ations

Road-Tested Driver Technology

Final mile fulfillment can be complex, but the driver experience doesn’t have to be. With an intuitive mobile interface and easy-to-follow workflows, Fleet Enable is easy for any driver to adopt. Better yet, Fleet Enable can help you retain staff and independent contractors with faster settlements, better, more efficient routing, and the communication tools your team needs to stay productive on the road.

Driver Real-Time Tracking
Real-Time Tracking
Fleet Enable Mobile Application
Easy-to-Use Mobile Application
Back Office Management Feature
Document/Photo Upload and Signature Capture
Fleet Enable Routing and Dispatch Feature
Intelligent Routing and Dispatch
Driver Settlement Software
Automated Driver Settlements for Faster, More Accurate Payments

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