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Document Management

Fleet Enable’s final mile management system is an all-in-one document storage solution. #DeliverBetter with Fleet Enable.

Document Management

Are claims impacting your cash flow and slowing down operations? With Fleet Enable, our end-to-end final mile management system acts as an all-in-one document management storage solution. Our carrier-focused platform will save you money on costly stand-alone document management systems, and save your team valuable time.

With Fleet Enable’s highly configurable driver app, last mile carriers can seamlessly collect and transfer proof of delivery, signatures, survey data, form data, bill of lading, and more between departments. Our automated, all-in-one document management feature means that your back office will immediately receive necessary documents while minimizing documentation errors throughout your organization.

Document Management Features Include:

Driver App Saves Time And Minimizes Errors

The Fleet Enable driver app ensures that the required proof of delivery, signature or other shipper-specific protocols are followed. Your driver will enjoy the automated directions that are specific to each account. The app will guide the driver to collect your required documentation throughout their journey. Then, all document imaging is attached to each order and easily shared amongst the accounting team to quickly resolve billing questions.

Customizable Forms

Our intuitive driver app keeps every delivery simple and streamlined for your delivery team. Set your Fleet Enable form workflows at the account level, and delivery teams than simply follow the step-by-step instructions for data collection or POD capture. You can even configure your workflows to provide installation instruction! Most importantly, the app will let your drivers know what forms to fill out and when without toggling between interfaces or inboxes, and you’ll never need to worry about missing documentation again.

Customizable Surveys

Keep the conversation going and deliver customer happiness! Our Fleet Enable customizable surveys let you provide customer satisfaction data to your shippers in whatever format they prefer. You can collect a simple score or go deeper with in-depth surveys or data collection. As always, the power is in your hands to control your data and customize the results.

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