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Fleet Enable spins off to disrupt final mile market

Split from Imaginnovate signals more tech help for carriers

AUSTIN, TX, FEB. 9, 2022-Logistics technology creator Imaginnovate said today it’s spinning off its Fleet Enable software platform as a stand-alone business. The announcement comes six months after Fleet Enable debuted to automate white glove shipments for final mile carriers. Imaginnovate said Fleet Enable would become the first technology company devoted exclusively to the final mile delivery market.

Fleet Enable Inc. will be based in Austin, TX., the announcement said. Krishna Vattipalli, CEO of 9-year-old Imaginnovate, will double as CEO of Fleet Enable.

“We are spinning off Fleet Enable as a separate company from Imaginnovate so that Fleet Enable can have its own growth path,” said Mr. Vattipalli. “We see a large potential in the last mile segment and we would like to innovate and bring new solutions to serve the market better. This will give Fleet Enable the ability to grow much faster.”

Here’s how the two companies said they would operate:

“There will be more investment and efforts put into the growth of Fleet Enable’s Final Mile Management System to become a complete operating system for a last mile carrier,” said Mr. Vattipalli.

The spinoff of Fleet Enable reflects explosive growth in the final mile freight market. Soaring U.S. consumer demand has placed a premium on carriers who can deliver cargo to homes or offices. A crucial subset of that sector is so-called white glove carriers who deliver, then install shipments such as appliances.

Fleet Enable said it aims to disrupt the carrier segment by empowering carriers with technology solutions to automate their operations and improve operating margins. The company said its software platform uses location intelligence, data analytics and machine learning and makes these technologies accessible to carriers of all sizes. Fleet Enable automates end-to-end operations, including scheduling, dispatching, billing, invoicing and driver settlement.

About Imaginnovate

Imaginnovate is an 8-year-old software development company supporting the freight transportation and logistics industry. It provides professional management services for companies ranging from start-ups to the nation’s largest carriers. Its solutions touch the entire supply chain and include: route optimization, load management, routing and scheduling, capacity management, fleet optimization and rate prediction. Imaginnovate has a 70-person development team working to automate freight transportation and logistics. Learn more about Imaginnovate at

About Fleet Enable

Austin, TX based Fleet Enable provides a logistics software platform designed to automate all aspects of the final mile delivery market. Fleet Enable automates everything from routing and scheduling to invoicing and driver pay. Fleet Enable’s end-to-end Final Mile Management System makes enterprise-level technology accessible for all Carriers. Learn more about Fleet Enable at

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