Account Management

Highly flexible, and easy to configure, each of your shippers can be assigned their own unique settings and a discrete configuration.

  • Send automated notifications to the shipper, driver and consignee via email or SMS.
  • Manage proof of delivery, require a signature, photos, Bill of Lading.
  • Set payment terms by distance, zip code or delivery location.
  • Set delivery zip codes by day and allow consignees to use our self scheduling tool to set a delivery time.
  • Add each driver and truck dimensions to streamline capacity optimisation and automated routing and dispatch.
  • Pre-define accessorial to streamline billing, designate varying service levels to automatically calculate rates from white glove to airport pick up.

Account Management Features Include :

Shipper Specific Customization :

Our all-in-one solution is designed to be intuitive and easy to use on day one, while offering the flexibility that carriers need.

Set custom shipper configurations for :

  • Fuel surcharges
  • Service levels
  • Delivery exception management
  • Notifications
  • Proof of delivery standards
  • Invoicing, and more

Simple Route Automation:

Fleet Enable’s proprietary automated route optimizer will increase your fleet utilization while saving the dispatchers time and increasing their productivity. Our rules-based machine learning-enabled scheduler is highly customizable and is able to factor in truck weights, driver skills, item dimensions and order delivery windows while generating optimized intelligent cost-saving routes in minutes.

Fleet Enable Manages Your Delivery Specifications So You Don’t Have To:

When you become a Fleet Enable partner, our team of industry experts will help you set up your delivery locations, delivery specifications, rate matrix, and accessorials. Then, Fleet Enable will automate tasks for you. Once properly configured, Fleet Enable does the work for you. Whether you want to set up delivery routes via zip code or geofencing, our state-of-the-art technology can seamlessly associate orders with the appropriate warehouse.

Order Management

Order management allows you to track the real-time location of all orders so you can effortlessly monitor their status at a glance. Whether it’s on its way to your warehouse, currently in your inventory, out for delivery, or an exception awaiting review it maintains a detailed record of all orders.

Automate acceptance of new orders through either…

  • EDI
  • API
  • Pdf scanning
  • Manual creation

Order Management Features Include:

Performance Analytics

Fleet Enable continuously analyzes the delivery data and provides meaningful dashboards, which allows carriers to unlock key insights and make enhanced business decisions.

Scalable Integrations

With easy TMS integration, Fleet Enable allows carriers of any size to work with enterprises. Our technology was built by a team of transportation technology experts. Now we’re deploying that expertise to put the best of modern technology in the hands of any Final Mile leader.

Document Management

Eliminate the need for manual searching and data entry, document management saves time and significantly reduces the risk of human error. It also serves as an all-in-one document storage solution! Our pdf extraction technology can transcribe and extract important information from files.

  • Identify and leverage essential information within emails, enhancing your capacity to handle diverse requests.
  • Analysing the information of incoming communications every inquiry or request is appropriately categorized, setting the stage for effective response and action.

With Fleet Enable’s highly configurable driver app, last mile carriers can seamlessly collect and transfer proof of delivery, signatures, survey data, form data, bill of lading, and more between departments. Our automated, all-in-one document management feature means that your back office will immediately receive necessary documents while minimizing documentation errors throughout your organization.

Document Management Features Include:

The Fleet Enable driver app ensures that the required proof of delivery, signature or other shipper-specific protocols are followed. Your driver will enjoy the automated directions that are specific to each account. The app will guide the driver to collect your required documentation throughout their journey. Then, all document imaging is attached to each order and easily shared amongst the accounting team to quickly resolve billing questions.

Customizable Forms

Set your Fleet Enable form workflows at the account level, and delivery teams then simply follow the step-by-step instructions for data collection or POD capture. You can even configure your workflows to provide installation instructions! Most importantly, the app will let your drivers know what forms to fill out and when without toggling between interfaces or inboxes, and you’ll never need to worry about missing documentation again.

Customizable Surveys

Keep the conversation going and deliver customer happiness! Our Fleet Enable customizable surveys let you provide customer satisfaction data to your shippers in whatever format they prefer. You can collect a simple score or go deeper with in-depth surveys or data collection. As always, the power is in your hands to control your data and customize the results.

(Integrations include: Account Management, EDI, API, Order Management, Capacity Optimization, Automated Routing and Dispatch, Delivery and Return Management, Email Extraction, Automated Billing and Invoicing, Driver Pay)

Automated Routing and Dispatch

Route planning and capacity management for your final mile business are critical. Don’t let your dispatch team become overwhelmed with driver demands and manual planning processes.

Auto Pre Plan

  • Analyze all delivery windows and user-scheduled appointments. Track service times, auto plan pickups and communicate them to your driver via our Mobile Application as they make space in their truck along their route.

Unlock essential KPIs

  • Compare estimated driver arrival to actual as well as service time. Dispatch unallocated or same-day orders to a truck in real-time.

Fleet Enable revolutionizes the dispatch workflow, creating efficiency at every step and streamlining your operations. Our advanced optimization software factors in business constraints such as route and schedule preferences and preferred delivery windows, while also accounting for vehicle and freight dimensions and even traffic patterns to suggest the optimal route for drivers.

Automated Routing and Dispatch Features Include:

Automation Streamlines Dispatch Services

Our carrier-focused platform can quickly automate optimized, cost-efficient routes specific to your final mile business’ unique needs. Fleet Enable’s route optimizer will increase your fleet utilization while saving office staff time and increasing productivity. Our rules-based machine learning scheduler is highly customizable and can factor in truck weight, driver skills, item dimensions, and delivery windows while generating optimized intelligent cost-saving routes in minutes.

Real-Time Machine Learning

Fleet Enable does the work so you don’t have to. From automatically combining deliveries within the same delivery zone to automated route planning that matches the most suitable driver to the load, our end-to-end final mile management system will save you time and increase productivity. Minimize last mile labor costs and improve fleet utilization with a highly customizable tool that is custom-tailored to your business.

Predictive Scheduling

Our newest dispatch tool brings predictive scheduling to the final mile space for the first time in the final mile industry. With customer-scheduled delivery appointments matched to estimated drive times, traffic and delivery constraints, dispatch teams will have more data at their fingertips than ever before. You’ll save on planning hours, increase office efficiency, and be able to quickly adjust schedules in the event of delays. Dispatchers can rely on our signature Fleet Enable final mile automation to do the work for them.

Delivery Management

Delivery management works seamlessly in concert with automated routing & dispatch as well as capacity management. Once your driver has been assigned a route and the freight is loaded our mobile driver application will allow you to to track deliveries and pickups along the assigned route.

  • Auto pre plan uses capacity management to analyze the truck floor space of your selected drivers against the dim of the outgoing freight, ensuring a successful loading and unloading of the truck.
  • Ensure zero dead space and maximize fuel and delivery efficiency on your driver's route. As deliveries are completed and space becomes available, dispatch can assign nearby pickups or drag and drop orders between trucks.
  • Delivery refusal? No problem. Exception handling has never been easier with Fleet Enable’s driver app.

Delivery Management Features Include:

Driver App and Dispatch Automation Saves Time and Minimizes Errors

We have introduced predictive scheduling to the final mile space for the first time in the final mile industry. With customer-scheduled delivery appointments matched to estimated drive times, traffic and delivery constraints, dispatch teams will have more data at their fingertips than ever before. You’ll save on planning hours, increase office efficiency, and be able to quickly adjust schedules in the event of delays. Dispatchers can rely on our signature Fleet Enable final mile automation to do the work for them.

Customizable Workflows at Every Turn

Fleet Enable generates customizable driver workflows with clear driver directions, specific account order requirements, instructions, and protocols all in one application. Complex account-level delivery instructions can be incorporated into the workflow to reduce delivery errors, customer dissatisfaction, and costly exception handling.

Need Proof of Delivery or signature at each delivery location? Our intuitive interface makes it easy to capture pictures or signatures and update status. With our unique shipper-specific customization options, the entire delivery experience—from en-route fleet tracking to geo-fencing to reporting and exception management—can be custom-tailored to meet shipper requirements and our enterprise-level data integrations can help final mile carriers of any size compete.

With Fleet Enable, you can utilize automated driver status updates resulting in reduced calls to your dispatch team, less driver distractions, and improved customer service. Real-time in-app signature, proof of delivery capture, and prescriptive exception handling can be automated, keeping document management simplified and serving your shippers’ requirements.

Managing Delivery Exceptions

How does your current delivery management solution handle exceptions? When the unexpected happens, Fleet Enable helps carriers respond to changes quickly. Dispatch and driver communication is always just a button click away, and real-time tracking can help identify problems before they happen.

Exceptions happen. It’s how you deal with exceptions that can make your delivery management successful or unsuccessful. Whether you can no longer deliver a load or if you have a warehouse delay, Fleet Enable can send out alerts in real-time. Through automation, you can quickly work on corrective actions to address an exception. There’s no need to call customers when Fleet Enable can generate customizable alerts for you, saving you time and keeping drivers, dispatch, and customers happy.

Fleet Enable’s workforce management feature maps delivery teams in real time, tracking everything from location to availability. Our software is uniquely suited to shipments requiring multi-person delivery crews. Specifically, workforce management gives final mile carriers access to:

  • Real-time visibility into which delivery team members are currently active or inactive in the field.
  • Live mapping of each delivery crew to assist dispatchers in finding the nearest member available for a new task; and
  • Tracking the number of visits that a field team member has completed so that reports can be generated for a single day or multiple days.

Capacity Optimization

Easily configure capacity management when adding a shipper via account management, aside from adding drivers and delivery zones you can add the square footage for each or their trucks or vans. So when using automated routing and dispatch you will see the floor space of the truck used by the driver you put on duty. Paired with the dimensions of the freight the automation will ensure that the loading and unloading of the truck is successful, by not only determining the floor space but by loading the freight sequentially by delivery.


Manage your recoveries with their own dedicated board, once the freight has made it successfully to your warehouse(s) easily make a decision on what happens next: line haul, deliver, hold or deconsolidation.

Automated Billing and Invoicing:

Get everyone paid faster, streamline your invoicing and billing process, Automate, invoicing on a daily or per-stop basis, create a custom grouping or create service levels depending on delivery type.

  • Automate, invoicing on a daily or per-stop basis, create a custom grouping, or create service levels depending on delivery type.

Driver Pay:

Fleet Enable allows you to pay drivers faster. Our ecosystem utilizes built-in driver settlements, to automate driver pay. Once you have configured your billing preferences in Account Management, the manual work of drafting invoices and calculating accessorials.

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