Imaginnovate rolls out final-mile software breakthrough

Tech upstart creates system to help manage $50 billion delivery market

(San Diego, CA)–SEPTEMBER 1, 2021 – An emerging freight transport software innovator today introduced breakthrough technology targeting a frenzied growth market: final-mile delivery. Eight-year-old Imaginnovate said its new product – Fleet Enable – automates how carriers plan, schedule, optimize and deliver “White Glove” shipments to final-mile customers.

Imaginnovate said it has created a new division to focus specifically on the final mile. Fleet Enable is the first product launched by the new division, the company said.

“Our disruptive technology for White Glove carriers in the final-mile space can automate every aspect of their business from end-to-end,” said Krishna Vattipalli, Imaginnovate CEO. “Fleet Enable’s mission is to automate White Glove services and maximize profits for the thousands of carriers who deliver in the final mile space.”

Imaginnovate said Fleet Enable would allow carriers to digitize everything from scheduling deliveries to final-mile routing, dispatch, driver experience, billing, invoicing driver settlements and customer management. The company added that its software would generate the most optimized and cost-efficient routing for drivers. Fleet Enable is cloud-hosted and is offered as a subscription service (SaaS) for carriers, according to Imaginnovate.

The so-called final mile is the last leg in supply chains where products are delivered to end users. White Glove service refers to freight haulers who not only deliver but set up, assemble and install products in the consumer’s home or office. The shipments can often be large, bulky items such as appliances, exercise equipment or furniture.  

“What differentiates Fleet Enable is automation, scalability, usability and flexibility,” said Krishna Vattipalli. “Historically in this space, carriers have bent their processes to fit the available technology. With Fleet Enable, the software adapts to the carrier’s existing business processes, which simplifies training and onboarding of their employees.”

He added that the Fleet Enable platform will provide software tools and streamlined workflows that address the full scope of the last-mile carrier’s business – from order receipt through planning, scheduling, optimization, dispatch, in-transit visibility, delivery, customer feedback, driver pay and billing.

Imaginnovate said Fleet Enable is a departure from most software developed for transportation companies. According to Imaginnovate, technology is usually designed to assist shippers – those who pay to have their products shipped. Fleet Enable has been created exclusively for White Glove carriers, who have been traditionally overlooked by logistics technology providers.

“We are providing enterprise level features and functionality to carriers of all sizes: small, medium and large,” said Imaginnovate Vice President of Sales John Coussa.

Imaginnovate said Fleet Enable has been in development for two years. According to Imaginnovate, companies using Fleet Enable software have reported significant benefits in operating efficiency, cost and customer experience. The company said it intends to be the trusted technology partner of choice for last mile carriers, collaborating with them to bring further innovation to the final mile.

With U.S. consumers spending $600 billion annually via e-commerce, final-mile delivery has exploded. Carriers scrambling to keep up with demand are clamoring for technology to streamline their business, according to Imaginnovate.

An established transportation tech company, Imaginnovate began life developing professional services software for Fortune 500 logistic companies. It also collaborates with startup accelerators on technology solutions. The move into final-mile delivery reflects the company’s recognition of evolving business trends, Imaginnovate said. Final-mile delivery business is expected to grow 20 percent or more by 2025.

Fleet Enable marks Imaginnovate’s expansion into the $50 billion final-mile delivery market. Imaginnovate said that its new final-mile division would complement ongoing work with traditional logistics providers. The company insisted its background in transportation technology would support both business lines. It said Fleet Enable would be the first of many technology solutions for final-mile customers.

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