Imaginnovate enhances Fleet Enable to take guesswork out of final mile

Predictive Scheduling controls shipments; 3rd software breakthrough in ‘21

SAN DIEGO, CA, DEC. 6, 2021 – Logistics software creator Imaginnovate today introduced its third technology breakthrough for final-mile deliveries in 2021. The company said its new Predictive Scheduling feature would become part of recently released Fleet Enable to eliminate guesswork for white glove carriers transporting shipments to customers.

Imaginnovate said its new Predictive Scheduling software would automate all aspects of final-mile deliveries, from scheduling to routing. It said the tool could predict if shipments would be on-time or delayed. According to Imaginnovate, Predictive Scheduling would even set departure times for drivers and optimize delivery routes.

Imaginnovate said the new functionality works seamlessly with another new technology, the Dynamic Rating Engine, which allows Fleet Enable to automate final-mile business end to end. Fleet Enable automates operational processes including shipment tracking, as well as back-office functions.

“Predictive Scheduling helps to alleviate all final-mile issues by creating the optimal time to deliver on the right truck while taking into consideration scheduled appointment time, drive time, traffic and delivery constraints,” said Imaginnovate CEO Krishna Vattipalli. “We believe we are the first system to offer this kind of functionality for white glove carriers.”

White glove carriers, those who deliver/setup shipments for consumers and businesses, are under pressure due to supply chain gridlock. Product shortages and port delays make customers impatient to get deliveries on time. Imaginnovate said Predictive Scheduling would ease the anxiety.

“Predictive Scheduling ensures that the driver is delivering the order at the right time, not too early or late,” explained Mr. Vattipalli. “If the system recognizes that there is a potential delay, the system automatically alerts Shippers, Customers and Dispatchers and sends out new ETAs.”

Imaginnovate said its new scheduling software would help alleviate final-mile challenges ranging from driver shortages to traffic congestion. It said final mile carriers helped design the technology. Among the potential benefits it listed:

  • An end to manual delivery scheduling;
  • Bottlenecks delaying deliveries to customers;
  • Greater on-time reliability; and
  • Better equipment utilization.

According to Imaginnovate, Predictive Scheduling could make final-mile carriers more efficient. The company said its software would reduce driver idling time and improve fuel efficiency.

About Imaginnovate

Imaginnovate is an 8-year-old software development company supporting the freight transportation and logistics industry. It provides professional management services for companies ranging from start-ups to the nation’s largest carriers. Its solutions touch the entire supply chain and include: route optimization, load management, routing and scheduling, capacity management, fleet optimization and rate prediction. Imaginnovate has a 70-person development team working to automate freight transportation and logistics. Learn more about Imaginnovate and Fleet Enable at and

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