Fleet Enable bringing final-mile tech to air cargo market

Software expert lets carriers fully automate: orders, routing, billing, more

AUSTIN, TX, JAN. 18, 2023 – Logistics technology creator Fleet Enable announced today it’s expanding into the air cargo market. The software innovator said its automation platform is being aimed at final-mile carriers delivering shipments imported by air.  Fleet Enable said it would enter the market with its namesake software this spring.  

According to Fleet Enable, its technology would allow motor carriers to automate all aspects of air cargo delivery.  Everything from order taking and route planning to invoicing and driver pay could be streamlined, the company said.  Fleet Enable is already in use by final-mile carriers delivering ground shipments.  

“We have identified that there is a need in the air cargo market for a low-cost modern automated last-mile software solution,” said Fleet Enable CEO Krishna Vattipalli.  “Over the last 12 months we have been developing features and functionality that are unique to the air cargo business.”

Fleet Enable said its technology could solve the biggest problems afflicting final-mile carriers of air cargo.  Those include cargo tracking and visibility, truck capacity planning and manual shipment routing.  Automation would make each task more efficient and less costly, Fleet Enable said.

Final-mile carriers in the air cargo market collect freight at airports, sort it at warehouses, then deliver it.  The shipments are generally high value and time sensitive. That puts a premium on efficient, error-free cargo handling, Fleet Enable said.  

Here’s how the company said its automation software could ease the pressure of final-mile air cargo delivery:

  • There’s a recovery dispatch board that projects the earliest pick-up time for cargo arriving at airports.
  • A capacity management algorithm factors the weight and dimensions of freight and truck floor space when auto-routing deliveries.
  • Recurring shipment stops are created to accommodate the standard daily routes.

Fleet Enable said its final-mile platform would be marketed to air cargo carriers employing their own drivers or independent contractors.  It said the tool would be available to anyone with internet connectivity.  The company added that there’s a mobile app for drivers delivering shipments to cargo owners.

“This is a very time sensitive and complex business,” said Mr. Vattipalli.  “We are focused on this unique industry and leveraging the latest modern software to help final-mile carriers scale and grow.” 

About Fleet Enable

Austin, TX based Fleet Enable provides a logistics software platform designed to automate all aspects of the final mile delivery market. Fleet Enable automates everything from routing and scheduling to invoicing and driver pay. Fleet Enable’s end-to-end Final Mile Management System makes enterprise-level technology accessible for all Carriers. Learn more about Fleet Enable at www.fleetenable.com.

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