Shipper Experience

With enhanced visibility and simple customer feedback,
Fleet Enable allows you to be confident that customers
are happy.

Shipper Experience

Final Mile order fulfillment has been rapidly evolving alongside customer expectations.

Tracking and tracing are table stakes. Fulfillment and distribution operations have fundamentally changed.
What if you could stop worrying about the technology and go back to growing your business?

Here’s what you can expect from Fleet Enable’s Final Mile Management System:

Live Driver Updates

Real-time updates from each driver are just the beginning. Carriers can employ en-route fleet tracking and use geo-fencing to enforce check call standards, then easily deliver data to their partners. Deliver just the right reporting by customizing how much and how often you share updates on a per shipper basis.

Performance Analytics

Fleet Enable continuously analyzes the delivery data and provides meaningful dashboards, which allows Carriers to unlock key insights and make enhanced business decisions.

Proof of Delivery

Shippers can rest easy. With the Fleet Enable mobile app, drivers can share a signature or photo from each successful delivery. Need POD attached to each invoice? Shipper-specific rules for delivery protocols, invoicing and more are simple to set up and use.

Scalable Integration

With easy TMS integration, Fleet Enable allows carriers of any size to work with enterprises. Our technology was built by a team of transportation technology experts. Now we’re deploying that expertise to put the best of modern technology in the hands of any Final Mile leader.

Our end-to-end solution is truly customizable to your unique business.
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