National Electronic Transit chooses Fleet Enable as tech partner

Software maker’s platform a final mile game changer, says trucking CEO

AUSTIN, TX, MAY 5, 2022– A technology platform from logistics software creator Fleet Enable can help change the face of final mile delivery. That’s the assessment from National Electronic Transit (NET) CEO Joe Holl Jr. after he rolled out Fleet Enable’s system to automate NET’s operations throughout the Northeast.

Fleet Enable said its tech platform would be used by NET’s 35-truck fleet in the Northeast. The agreement pushes NET into the future of final mile delivery where customer requirements and manual tasks make the case for automation. 

“There are a lot of struggles in the final mile sector,” said Mr. Holl.  “Fleet Enable has the potential to alleviate those pressures and eliminate the issues that weigh down our industry.” 

NET, of Lyndhurst, NJ, specializes in white glove delivery and assembly services, focusing on high-value shipments.  The company said it’s deploying Fleet Enable’s full suite of operations and backoffice software to automate business processes.  Automation is seen as the key to survival and gateway to growth in the increasingly competitive final mile market.

NET said Fleet Enable would ease the burden of labor-intensive tasks that slow down final mile operators.  Mr. Holl said Fleet Enable would prove especially useful with truck drivers.   

“Recruiting and retaining drivers are among the biggest challenges facing our industry, so we needed a platform that can make the driver’s day a little eaiser.  From a driver standpoint, the usability of the Fleet Enable platform takes away some of their every-day burden and makes us a more attractive employer,” said Mr. Holl. 

 Fleet Enable debuted last September to digitize the historically labor-intensive final mile delivery market.  The company’s software automates everything from routing and scheduling to payroll settlement.  NET said it’s using Fleet Enable for back office and operational functions including:

  • Scheduling automation;
  • Resource planning;
  • Information capture;
  • Invoice processing;  and
  • Driver settlements.

All of NET’s drivers are equipped with the Fleet Enable App on mobile phones, the company said.. The platform is expected to help drives with shipper-specific delivery work flows, electronic proof of delivery and returns management, while navigating confined areas such as the U.S.Northeast. 

Fleet Enable said its software would help NET expedite cargo shipments, which range from high-end copiers to furniture.  The final mile carrier makes between 50,000 and 60,000 deliveries annually, 60 percent of those directed to businesses.

“Our clients are very demanding when it comes to their delivery needs,” said Mr. Holl.“Fleet Enable can help us avoid the communication gap between consignees and shippers, amongst other things.  The system provides customers with a self-scheduling appointment option and automated real time delivery status notifications, reducing our support team’s needed level of engagement.”  

Fleet Enable said it’s targeting white glove carriers such as NET because final mile automation software has overlooked them.  The market segment is booming thanks to never-ending growth in online shopping, the company explained.  It added that white glove carriers delivering to homes and offices need specialized software to meet the extraordinary demand.

“NET recognizes the importance of automating work processes,” said Fleet Enable CEO Krishna Vattipalli.  “They’ve converted manual operational tasks into automated workflows by utilizing our platform. In turn, they have been able  to save time, contain costs and increase revenue.”

 About National Electronic Transit (NET)

National Electronic Transit (N.E.T.) is an asset-based full service logistics company based out of Lyndhurst, NJ. NET provides final-mile delivery services for a variety of companies, with a focus on high-value shipments.  With over 45+ years of experience and strategically placed locations, NET can help facilitate your white-glove deliveries in the Northeast.  Learn more about NET at 

About Fleet Enable

Austin, TX based Fleet Enable provides a logistics software platform designed to automate all aspects of the final mile delivery market. Fleet Enable automates everything from routing and scheduling to invoicing and driver pay. Fleet Enable’s end-to-end Final Mile Management System makes enterprise-level technology accessible for all Carriers. Learn more about Fleet Enable at

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