Carrier Experience

In the high-touch world of white glove delivery,
Fleet Enable puts everything right in the palm
of the driver’s hand.

Carrier Experience

Every Final Mile delivery is unique, and delivery exceptions are around every corner.
What if we could keep things simple, streamline every step, and even automate manual tasks?

With Fleet Enable’s Final Mile Management System,
you can streamline routine dispatch and invoicing tasks, simplify driver communications
and free up time to focus on customer happiness and strong shipper relationships.

Here’s what you can expect from Fleet Enable’s end-to-end Final Mile platform:

Shipper-Specific Customization

Your business is unique and so are your customers. Fleet Enable is designed to be intuitive and easy to use on day one, while offering the flexibility that white glove Final Mile carriers need. Set custom shipper configurations for fuel surcharges, rates, levels of service, delivery exception management and notifications, proof of delivery standards, invoicing, and more.

Order Management

Plan ahead for your pipeline with a single source of customer and order information. Seamlessly share customer and order details and put time back in your day with automated appointment scheduling.

Exception Management

When the unexpected happens, Fleet Enable helps carriers respond to changes quickly. Dispatch and driver communication is always just a button click away, and real-time tracking can help identify problems before they happen.

Automated Routing

& Fleet Management

Our proprietary automated route optimizer will increase your fleet utilization while saving the dispatchers time and increasing their productivity. Our rules-based machine learning enabled scheduler is highly customizable and is able to factor in truck weights, driver skills, item dimensions and order delivery windows, while generating optimized intelligent cost-saving routes in minutes.

Billing, Invoicing

& Driver Settlement

Automate and optimize your payment process and get paid faster. Once you have configured your billing preferences, you can say goodbye to the manual work of creating invoices or calculating accessorials. Create and send invoices immediately and remove full days from your payment timeline. Pay your drivers faster the first time by leveraging our automated driver settlements process.

Driver Mobile App

Enable drivers with technology that allows them to easily update status, view delivery and customer details, and share photos and updates with shippers. Need Proof of Delivery or Signature at each delivery location? Our intuitive interface makes it easy to capture pictures or signatures and update status.

Our end-to-end solution is truly customizable to your unique business.
Sign up for a demo to discuss how we can help you #DeliverBetter.

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